Jill helps writers find their voice and coaches a select group of experienced non-fiction writers to the next level. She has taught writing in workshops and at universities, at the doctoral, Master’s and undergraduate levels.   (upcoming classes listed below). Jill  also works with individual writers, as a career coach and private writing instructor.

She has earned her Master’s degree from Harvard University in Human Development and her Ph.D. in Communications from The Union Institute.  She has also studied advanced psychology at Northeastern University.


9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Brunwick, Maine

This one-day workshop is for any woman over 18 who has suffered trauma at any point in this lifetime, or who has a friend, partner, lover, sister, daughter, mother or other family member who has been traumatized.   Trauma is a subjective experience and cannot be assessed by others.  What is trauma for you may not be so for me.  For purposes of this workshop we are defining trauma as cultural, sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual or other trauma that has interfered with the full experience of joy and love in this lifetime.

The facilitators have come from varied backgrounds to create this unique experience to explore and perhaps beginning healing long-held trauma histories.   Our belief is that trauma impacts the body, mind and soul of the victim and that healing is best accomplished by approaching it from all of these directions.

Jill Hackett, PhD brings her hands-on and academic experience to the issue of women and voice.  She has degrees in mathematics, human development and psychology, and communications from Vassar, Harvard, and The Union Institute & University.   Her work in the world has included research and studies on the subject of trauma and it’s impact on the brain and how the mind functions.  She will explore and introduce you to safe ways of using your voice to tell your story without re-traumatizing yourself or others in the process, and will provide research and demonstrations of how trauma impacts the brain/mind and how to override that programing.  You can read more about Jill at her own website.

Dory Cote is a Shamanic Practitioner with a decade of professional training and experience.  More about her is available on this website.  Dory will share her years of experience working with the effects trauma has on the Spirit.   A widely used ancient model of recovering aspects of our Spirit that take flight when we have been traumatized is called Soul Retrieval.  It is a method of recovering aspects or essences of our ‘selves’ which have been fragmented as a result of trauma.   Dory will lead a group experience in recovering an ancestral essence from the great Earth Mother and present materials on the topic of Soul Retrieval that are easy to understand and can usually be embraced by peoples of all faiths and spiritual understanding.

Our day will be hallmarked by establishing safety with one another.   We will not lead experiences that may create re-traumatization for yourself or others.  Participants will be pre-screened to ensure their appropriateness for this Circle.   Therapists are encouraged to inquire on behalf of their clients.  All applications for this program will be held in strict confidence.  

To Inquire or Register Contact:     Dory Cote:  dory@dorycote.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fee:   $99.00 Early Bird Special (Requires full Payment by April 1st)

          $125.00 After April 1st

Deposit:  Non-Refundable deposit of $50.00 due at registration

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