Kedges inspire and help you fall in love with your own big bad audacious self.  Often Kedges help you live into a dream you have for your life, and just haven’t allowed yourself to live it or even imagine it. A great Kedge puts a skip in your step, as well as maybe a dash of fear, as you are pulled into being and living more of your gifts.


I first came across the term “Kedge” when reading Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley.  He advocates using kedges for helping you get healthy and fit–for example, by investing in a biking vacation or signing up for a mini-marathon–something that has a deadline, reward, and requirement, and inspires you.  You can use kedges for your career, your life, your writing.

Have a listen… and celebrate the kedges that you and your friends have undoubtedly already accomplished in your life. Then, make way for a new one…


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