From away, Forestieri and Stranieri

Anyone who is not born in Maine is known as “from away.”  No matter how many years you live in Maine, you will always be from awayFrom away is relative–some folks are more from away than others, but if you are not Maine-born, you are forever from away.

I was crossing Front Street in Portland Maine with friends–one a true born and raised Mainer (who had left for Masschusetts, but she was not considered from away) and her from away husband.  It was Parents’ Weekend at Colby and Bowdoin Colleges, and the restaurants were packed with families.   As we were crossing the street, a car drove by, not stopping for us as required by Maine law.  And the from away husband turned to me and commented, “They really are from away.”

In Italy, this same concept  of from away is known as forestieri, and is applied at the level of the belltower, or town in which you were born, not at the state or province level.   If you were not born here in Citta della Pieve, then you are either forestieri or stranieri.  I am stranieri (a foreigner).  Again, no matter how many years you have lived here, you will always be a forestieri (from away) or a stranieri.

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