Personal coaching

Do you need a jump start?  Do you want to increase your productivity?  Or understand your genre’s protocols and break-in process?  Would you like to be more effective and efficient in your creative process?  Then working one on one with Jill in a personalized coaching program is a good choice.

Semi-personal coaching

If you have a writing partner or friend, and would like to set up a semi-private coaching program together, consider this option.  Initially both writers need to have individual personal 1 hour consultations with Jill, then in a group meeting we will design our on-going coaching program.  This gives you the benefit of a writing partner “off-line,” as well as affordable access to focused coaching while addressing potential pitfalls that can occur in relationships.

Virtual writing groups

Join a virtual writing group that meets weekly.  Using technology we meet electronically in the method most comfortable to the participants.  Group membership is limited to 6, and the commitment is a month at a time.  Prerequisite is a 1 hour writing conference with Jill prior to joining an on-going group.  Each group member can present their writing progress, and receive support, instruction, guidance, resource, read reactions, critiques, problem solving–whatever is needed in their distinctly personal process.   VWGs take advantage of the power of collaboration–group members learn from each other–while benefiting from Jill’s coaching and years of teaching writing.

Schedule a 20-minute call with Jill!

Not sure which coaching program is right for you? No problem! Speak with Jill to find out.


Speak with me 1-on-1 to learn more about my coaching programs. Together we will discover which option may be the best fit for you. You can get any questions answered, and we can design the program that fits your goals.