Ford: an outstanding foreign car

Citta della Pieve, Chiusi, and Paciano (Umbria.)

A Ford in every parking lot

My Uncle Ross always owned a Ford, his whole life.  Every three years, he would trade  in his Ford Station Wagon, country squire edition (with the “wood” panels) for another newer one.  It was his farm and road trip car.  He and Aunt Verna would drive it from Pennsylvania to their Florida for their annual migration–snow birds, wisely escaping ice and heating bills.  Uncle Ross deeply believed in the reliability and quality of a Ford; they served him well for many years.

I am surprised to find that a Ford can be found in every parking lot in Citta della Pieve, Chiusi, and Paciano–keeping company with Fiats, Lancia’s, Audi’s, and VWs–and the very occasional Honda. It’s clear that Ford’s reliable reputation has followed it to Europe–and is particularly strong among my British friends.

Paul Nelson, a British Ex-pat living in Italy, used to manage European car fleets for a large company.  Paul explains that “80% of the fleet were always Fords–Good value for the money, and you can always find a Ford dealership nearby in Europe.”   My friend Ingrid owns a spiffy Ford Fusion, diesel engine, which has generous carrying room and excellent gas mileage.   Manual transmission, of course– much-needed on the hills in Umbria and Tuscany.

And it is not just the British and my Uncle Ross who appreciate Ford:  their sales are up 19.8% over last year’s sales for November, and Ford is ringing in at the number 2 best-selling car in Europe.   From Ford’s website, “Confirmed as leading imported brand in Italy and France. Italy‘s sales volume increased to 18,900 (up by 5,700) versus November 2008, the highest November volume since 1997. ”

Guess Uncle Ross was right!

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