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Women who run with the camels

That is what co-owner Miranda Innes calls women who show up in at her Moroccan B&B alone. Yet I would not recommend it for the feminine faint of heart.  A woman alone in a souk with her own pocketbook in tow…

“Make me Harry Potter!”

As I was installing a lightning bolt on this British lad’s forehead, a la Harry Potter, his older brother watched carefully, and then signed up for a shooting star on his forehead: Harry Potter and Merlin as relatives!

It was indeed a day full of magic. Once a year Paciano offers

Gershwin and the Knights of Malta

Maggione.  Opening night, in June. Built 9 centuries ago, between 1150 and 1170, the Castle of the Knights of Malta is impeccably restored, and is the first castle I have seen that I have ever wanted to live in.   The…

Ford: an outstanding foreign car

Citta della Pieve, Chiusi, and Paciano (Umbria.) My Uncle Ross always owned a Ford, his whole life.  Every three years, he would trade  in his Ford Station Wagon, country squire edition (with the “wood” panels) for another newer one.  It…