Jill’s teaching and writing empowers women
to live their life uniquely and use their talents effectively.

Her prose is lucid and beautiful. / helped me harness my own unique perspectives and gifts.Amazon reviewer

Jill shows women writers how to write without fear[with] true authentic words that only surface once the mind, heart, and soul connect. SheriMcConnell, Founder of Natl Assoc of Women Writers 

an excellent survey of the soul of women’s writing / strongly recommended Midwest Book Review 

empowering, insightful  and inspiring book. A true gift.  Amazon review 


very intuitive and creative in her ability to conceptualize and design learning programs; and she has well-honed interpersonal and communication skills.
–high level understanding of technology and pedagogy–Dr. S. Cowan, Cambridge MA 

extraordinarily capable of  guiding learners to achieve success
–possesses and demonstrates leadership, honesty, responsibility, and superior work ethic
–Dr. E. Dittmar