Author: Jill Hackett

EPC — The Athleticism of Voice

Sometimes when you are creating, you just need to put a lot of muscle into it. Here is an excerpt from my book Women Voice and Writing.

We have a myth that the Muse visits, like the tooth fairy, giving inspiration. This can of course  happen,  but  in its own  unique,  un-forcible timing. Until then, and to woo the Muse, we need to sweat.

Rachel Vail touched on this myth first in my interviews, when she talked about the athleticism of writing:

EPC — Motivation

What motivates you as a writer?  What keeps you going, or rather coming back to the blank page (or screen)?  Here is an excerpt from my book Women Voice and Writing, to help you think about this…

I was in a group of writers that met for two years to try to collaboratively write a book together.  We  learned a lot about different approaches  to writing,  and  a lot more  about  each other. We were  a tremendously  rich  resource  for  one  another,  an  unlikely  group  of women. Left to our own devices, we would not probably have chosen each other as friends, yet the process of attending to task blossomed friendship within it.

However, after 18 months, we had copious outlines for our book, and no real writing yet. We had pieces here and there, but we kept losing momentum, then would regain it. It looked like our fire was going out.

Who gives this man to be married?

Manchester, VT.  The minister is standing before us on the lawn of  the Hildene estate in his madras Bermuda shorts and Ralph Lauren navy polo, squinting into the afternoon sun, book of liturgy in one hand, the other hand raised to…